If you are planning to visit a foreign country, apart from your passport you also need a visa

A visa is an approval or endorsement by the government of that country intend to visit. Specifically, a visa is a stamp on your passport and it can also be glued to it

The mistake many people make is dealing with fake or inexperience agencies or trying to do it alone and oftentimes, it result to rejection or worst of it all, a travel ban

We are dedicated and passionate in providing our visa assistance which covers many countries. We are very reputable and well experience with over two decades of expertise in visa processing services and have successfully helped countless clients to actualize their travel dreams.

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Our visa assistance services presently covers several countries including Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore, Schengen Counties, China, South Korea, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, France, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, Turkey, Seychelles and a lot more countries. Please contact us to find out more.

These are type of visas we offer:


This visa is available for clients travelling to conduct or engage in business or business related.


The visa is for clients’ travelling for leisure, holiday, visiting friends, visiting family members or relatives, it is also for those travelling for conferences, seminars and vacations.


This visa is for students intending or going for studies abroad. The visa allows the student to reside, study and work in almost all the countries.
The students with student visa enjoys the privilege of their spouse, children, parents and family members to visit them in the respective countries while they are studying. The student on this category can be granted post study work upon graduation and may be allowed to work for years.

We always advise people to work with reputable travel agencies to process their visas as this always lead to fast approval

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Please note that issuance of visa is at the discretion of the embassy and that visa is not automatic and Flychoice is not responsible for visa issuance