Best Way To Apply for Student Visa In Nigeria without Rejection

Best Way To Apply for Student Visa In Nigeria without Rejection

If you are in Nigeria and you are planning to study abroad, one of the things you will need which is very important is Student Visa

Many young Nigerians who desire to study abroad and need study visa often make the mistake of following wrong advise, trying to do it alone or not seeking professional help and all of these are avoidable

The fact that you have secured a foreign admission is not a guarantee your study visa application won’t be rejected especially if you don’t follow the right procedure

So what can you do to avoid rejection when applying for study visa in Nigeria?

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What is Student Visa?

A student visa is an addition to a government passport that allows international students to enroll in the nation’s accredited academic institutions. Any prospective student who wishes to pursue higher education abroad must first acquire a student visa from that nation.

To even start the process of your visa application, there are certain things you need to have in place, we will touch on this soon

Best Way To Apply for Student Visa In Nigeria without Rejection

Mistakes To Avoid During Study Visa Application

  • Applying for the Wrong Visa Type

This is a common mistake that lead to automatic rejection, from United States, United Kingdom to Canada and Australia, every country has a unique visa procedure and some have different study visas, if you have apply for the wrong visa type your application will be rejected and your admission might be cancelled

This is when a the guidance or services of a professional is needed

  • Supplying Wrong Information

Making mistakes wit the information you provides will deny you the visa, you need to understand the right details that are needed and ensure you offer the exact info

  • Incomplete or Forged Documents

You must present complete documents as needed and try to avoid forging any document, don’t play smart they will found out and once they realized you forged some documents, you will not just be rejected but banned

  • Late Application

Avoid late application as much as possible, start the process immediately your admission is approved because every year, many young Nigerians lose the opportunity to further their education overseas due to late study visa application

  • Inadequate Financial Evidence

Even if you have the financial capability to live and study in any country of your choice, if you can’t supply enough evidence to back it up your application will be rejected. The officials want to be sure about your claim and need concrete proof

  • Poor Preparation for Visa Interview

Failure to prepare adequately for the interview is among the reasons many people fail in their efforts to secure a study visa

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Requirements for Student Visa Application

Every country has a unique requirements for visa application and you must found out before you begin, but generally you will need the following:

  • Proof of Funds

You must convince the embassy officials that you have the financial capacity to study and live in their country, you will be required to have a certain amount of money in your account for living expenses and other costs which is usually between $10,000 and $20,000 or more

  • Letter of Consent

If you are still a teenager, you might be required to present a letter of consent from your parents or a sponsor

  • International Passport

This is a vital part of your study visa application and approval

  • Evidence of Admission

You will be required to provide an admission letter from the institution you want study at, there is no point trying to apply for student visa when you don’t have an admission

  • Application Fee

You will pay a non refundable fee for your application processing

How To Avoid Rejection with your Application

If you want to succeed with your study visa application, you must understand that this is a very complex process and often involve a lot of technicalities, trying to do it alone or working with someone who does not have the needed experience will lead to failure.

The best way to go about all of these is by working with and having the guidance of a professional travel agent or consultant with the required years of experience to guide and advice you on exactly what to do. You will be assisted from the beginning to the end and you can be rest assured that your application will be successful at the end of the day

Flychoice Travels and Tours Limited is a professional travel agency that has helped hundreds of Nigerians to further their education overseas by working with them to process internal passport, foreign admission and student visa with a high success rate

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